As you may or may not know, I built an 11×14 View Camera from scratch a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve done a lot of experimenting with it and my latest craze is using Xray film. The good thing about Xray film is that it’s very affordable (about 60 cents per sheet!) so I haven’t had to worry too much about going broke shooting a lot of film. The not-so-good news is it scratches very easily, is unpredictable with regard to exposure and contrast, and has to be developed one sheet at at time.

With that said, I have been on a journey that has been a great learning experience and has produced some pretty amazing results. Most of the shooting I’ve done has been at school in my classroom studio. I have used a lot of my students as subjects for portraits and used a Balcar strobe to provide the power necessary to give me enough light for exposure. I hope to write a book all about my ongoing experiences with my camera some time in the future. In the very near future I will post some of the images I’ve taken. You will note that the originals are 11×14 contact prints from the Xray negatives. These will be the original prints without any adjustments in Photoshop, so you will see the prints in all their flawed glory!

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